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I got this dress on sale for $25 off $118! Such a steal!

I took so many pictures, it’s really hard to do this dress justice in a picture - everyone at church kept commenting on how nice I looked, and my dad told me I was “sharp” haha. 

But the brand is MIss Sixty, I got it at Macy’s, and it’s a cross between mint & sea foam, and it makes me feel like a greek goddess! The little belt thing has feathers on the end, and I think you’re supposed to tie it in front but I really hate tying things in front!

Also I did flowers on my toes and from a distance they look so bomb!

That is all.

  1. apocalyptic-fairytale said: Omg you look stunning!!!! That dress is absolutely gorgeous!
  2. notthesameoldsarah said: so pretty!! :)
  3. get-healthy-feel-awesome said: I’m so jealous, you wear maxi dresses so amazingly well. YOU SHOULD ONLY WEAR MAXI DRESSES. ALL THE TIME.
  4. findthehealthieryou said: So beautiful!
  5. iamdover said: You look gorgeous!
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